Whether it’s going to the beach or just going to lunch with friends, I’ve actually been loving some of this year’s summer fashion trends. Personally, there are three that I have especially liked:   #1-… View Post

My family and I love to adventure and travel, and this year for spring break our destination was South Africa. We spent around a week and started off in Cape Town. After a couple of… View Post

Recently I’ve been loving making aesthetically pleasing backgrounds off of photos I use on WeHeartIt! If you’re interested in one, just DM me on instagram @zoe_ehrenkranz or email omzpop@gmail.com… Here are some samples, hope you… View Post

Like most girls my age, I have a little obsession with shoes, sneakers in particular. And contrary to the typical New Yorker, most of the ones in my possession are white, or have white on… View Post

As teenagers, we understand the importance of skincare (and all of the aesthetically pleasing products). In the winter, it’s super important to remember to cleanse and moisturize in order to keep your skin healthy. Here… View Post