Best Day In Soho

Best Day In Soho

In early December, two of us (Zoe and Natasha) decided to take a trip to all of the latest trendy hot spots in Soho. We stayed from around 12-7 and went to a combination of restaurants, cafes, shops, and cool pop-ups. We went to nine different places, and hope you enjoy:

After stopping at Momofuku Milk Bar, which didn’t make the cut into our highlights, we went to While We Were Young. Though it was very crowded and we had to switch tables in order to get the perfect seat, this popular restaurant had amazing food and instagram-worthy backdrops. We ordered a burrata, an avocado toast, and a chicken and waffles.


Once we finished eating our (delicious) lunch, we headed over to La Newyorkina for some fresh Mexican popsicles. After discovering this store at Smorgasburg, we decided what we had to go back for more. It’s a very cute and small shop, with an artsy neon light in the corner, aka great for taking pics! We got a pineapple mint popsicle but also loved the pink lemonade flavor when we tried in at Smorgasburg.



For the next stop, we traveled to the infamous Cha Cha Matcha to get our daily matcha fix. This matcha cafe is a hotspot for teens and adults alike. It has everything you could think of in matcha flavor, from soft serve to croissants. In addition to having great food, there’s also a graffiti wall and neon light to help you out with your instagram feed in case that’s what you’re looking for. We got a matcha croissant, matcha soft serve, and a red bean iced matcha latte (and loved all of them)!


Like any person nowadays, we’ve also fallen in love with bubble tea so we decided to stop at Bar Pa Tea. The modern-style store has fresh batches of bubbles coming out ever 10 mins, and serves a variety of drinks. We got a lemon green tea with mini boba, yes I know, mini boba!! Not only is the tea great, but there’s also, you guessed it, a neon sign (I think I’m noticing a trend).


After we finished our bubble tea, we stumbled upon the Flour Shop on our way to our next stop. It is basically a rainbow in the form of a store, from its rainbow desserts to wall decorations. We decided to get a mini rainbow confetti cake and it was the cutest thing ever. Though pricey, the Flour Shop is definitely a place you have to go if your looking for a colorful dessert and pictures to match.


Though I’m sure you’ve already seen pictures of it all over the internet, Glossier Showroom is a trendy and fun place to go. It has cool displays of all it’s products and a fun process of choosing what you want to buy from it’s selection of makeup and skincare. We ended up finding products that we loved and still use in our skincare routines today! There was also a very cool fragrance pop up shop next door.


Once we had stopped at Brandy Melville (I don’t think that one needs an explanation) to get some shopping in, we decided to check out the shoe store across the street. Though the shoes were not our style, in a space on the side was this super cool room with black palm trees, lounge chairs, and a neon sign. Despite the fact that we were more than a little confused at what the room was, it’s still a super cool place to visit to take artsy photos!


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