Five Must-Have White Sneakers

Five Must-Have White Sneakers

Like most girls my age, I have a little obsession with shoes, sneakers in particular. And contrary to the typical New Yorker, most of the ones in my possession are white, or have white on them. And despite the fact that they’re somewhat hard to keep clean when living in NYC, I think that they’re great staple shoes that pull together an outfit and go with literally anything. Here are five pairs that I own that I think are a must have:


#1: ‘White Rose’ Adidas NMD’s- athletic shoes

Even though this specific version of these Adidas NMD’s are a bit harder to find as they aren’t on the adidas website, these shoes are super comfortable, and not too pricey relative to other women’s workout shoes. They’re great not only for exercise, but are also cute to wear just on an everyday basis with a pair of leggings if you’re going for a casual look.


#2: Fenty ‘Clara Lionel Women’s Creeper’- everyday shoes

Yes, these shoes do look a tad bit strange at first, but once you put them on they are super cute and comfortable. These Fenty Puma shoes are great for walking around in, and are a bit more unique than your average white sneaker. I love the little heart detail on the side, and they even have a very small platform to help make you look a tiny bit taller (nothing too uncomfortable or even noticeable when you’re walking around).


#3: Court Classic ‘Sea, Sex, and Sun’- fashion/nicer shoes

I really love the fashion/nice sneaker trend that’s been going around lately. This specific pair had super cool and unique glitter palm trees and tropical designs, and though they are very pricey, there are also so so many great pairs for a lot less. These sneakers can be worn casual, or dressy with sweats, leggings, jeans or even a skirt.


#4: Nike ‘Blazer Low Velvet’- velvet everyday shoes

Velvet has been super popular this year, and many brands are now making velvet sneakers. I really like this plain white nike pair because it had a bit of a shimmer to it (you can especially see it because of the camera flash) and they are great for both exercise and walking around. There are also so many other colors of velvet that these shoes come in, and those are really fun and trendy as well!


#5: Cream White Yeezy’s- super comfortable everyday shoes

Of course you’ve heard of these infamously overpriced and elusive shoes, but once I got my hands on a pair I became obsessed. Now before you ridicule me for hopping on the hypebeast bandwagon, though these shoes are insanely overpriced at stores like stadium goods and flight club, they actually retail for a price more like other brand name workout shoes(so if you’re lucky enough to get in on the website, go for it!). However, these yeezys are insanely comfortable and go with almost anything and I actually love wearing them.

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xx Zoe



  1. Natasha Schneur
    January 30, 2018 / 2:29 am

    Love it! I️ will be writing a post soon dw! U just have to teach me how!

    • zoeehrenkranz
      January 30, 2018 / 3:09 am

      haha ok♡

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