My Trip to South Africa

My Trip to South Africa

My family and I love to adventure and travel, and this year for spring break our destination was South Africa. We spent around a week and started off in Cape Town. After a couple of days, we left to go on a safari in Kruger National park (yes, it was as amazing as it sounds). Once the four-day safari was over, my brother and dad went home while my mom and I spent a couple days lounging around in Mauritius.


Cape Town:

After a long 15-hour flight, we finally landed in Cape Town for the first leg of our vacation. Once we landed, we immediately dropped off our bags at the hotel and explored the city to see colorful pastel homes called Bo-Kaap, a local market, the goreous but windy Clifton beach, and a touristy marina- check out my instagram to see more pictures (;. For dinner, we ate at Bombay Brasserie, a great Indian restaurant, before going to bed early (the jet lag struggle was real). The next morning we woke up early and took an impressionable and unbelievable trip to Robben Island where we got to learn more about the struggles of apartheid and Nelson Mandela. Afterwards, we hopped on a helicopter to see Cape Town and the surrounding suburbs from above, and then went to Boulders Beach to see hundreds of penguins! Yes, penguins. To top off our amazing day, we waited in line and went to the top of Table Mountain to see panoramic views of Cape Town right before sunset. Though there was so much to do, we only spent two days there before heading off on our safari expedition.


Kruger National Park (safari):

After leaving Cape Town and taking multiple plane rides to get to Singita Sweni (which as you can see from the pictures is pretty much the coolest hotel ever). We were then led to our treehouse-style bungalows where we were allowed to relax for a couple of hours before heading out on our first safari. Just as an overview, we spent four days at this safari lodge and I couldn’t have loved it more.

I’m sorry for the barrage of photos, but I felt like they were just too awesome to leave out- again, if you want to see more just check out my instagram. We saw everything from the Big Five (lions, leopards, rhinos, water buffalo, and elephants) to impala and baby hyenas… Disney Animal Kingdom is shook. Every morning we had to wake up at 5:00, much to my chagrin, to go out on our morning safari. Once we got back, we would eat breakfast and go back to our rooms to wait out the hot afternoons (the reason we don’t go out then is because the animals hide and sleep due to the heat). At around 3/4:00, we would embark again for our evening safari. Once we got back, it would be around 8:00 and time for a (delicious) dinner. After eating dinner, we were exhausted from the long days so we would mostly just go back to our rooms and shower/get ready for bed. For anyone interested in going to South Africa, this safari is a must-do– the animals were so amazing to see up close in person, and it is just such a unique experience overall.


After our safari time was up, my brother and dad left and went back home while my mom and I continued on to Mauritius… Leave a comment or let me know if you want to hear about that, but for now I hope you enjoyed!

xx Zoe


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