My Favorite Summer Trends

My Favorite Summer Trends

Whether it’s going to the beach or just going to lunch with friends, I’ve actually been loving some of this year’s summer fashion trends. Personally, there are three that I have especially liked:


#1- Straw Bags

Though I was skeptical at first, these accessories have really grown on me. Straw bags are perfect for beachy outfits and can be used for both casual and nicer occasions. Not going to lie, circle bags especially do seem pretty counterintuitive and awkward, but like me, you would be surprised as to how much they fit. I got mine at a store in Mykonos, but they sell them pretty much everywhere (intermix, revolve, free people, anthropologie).


#2- Matching Sets

Now I’m sure you’ve seen these trendy outfits all over instagram and popular clothing websites, but I still want to talk about this clothing craze just because I think they are summer essentials. Matching sets are especially fun and easy because it requires no effort to put together the outfit (well duh, but still). One of my favorites has been this gingham set by the brand rails, but you can find them on basically any website (mine is from intermix btw).


#3- Gingham

As you can pretty obviously tell by the outfit in the photo, I’m kinda in love with gingham. Though too much of it can look busy or kind of like a picnic table, I think when used the right way, gingham makes an outfit fun, girly, and retro.


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